Castra Rubra Winery

About Castra Rubra Winery:

Our history started in 1999 when Jair Agopian obtained the privatized winery Telish and later started the production of the bestselling wines Telish Merlot and Telish Cabernet Sauvignon.

He is the first Bulgarian wine producer who introduced the bag in box package for his wines on the Bulgarian market. His aim to create the best wine drove him to the necessity to build a new and modern winery that will allow him fulfill his intent.

So there it was in 2006 he launched the construction of Castra Rubra Winery.

This is our enormous passion, a real architectural jewel equipped with the latest technologies and equipment meeting our standards for quality and minimal external influence upon grapes and wine. From the beginning of this project exclusive consultant of the winery is Michel Rolland – the flying winemaker, the most significant wine maker of the contemporary wine world guides all processes in Castra Rubra.

“What I bring is a range of experience and a span of reference that other people here, however talented they might be, do not have… A consultant cannot know everything. I am here to give advice with an open mind to the resident winemaker. So the personality of the people is an essential. It’s fundamental. If you have no contact with the people, it’s impossible. I’m no magician.” – Michel Rolland

And still today we are passionate in our work, believing that the teroar, the dedication of our team and our perseverance will lead us to the creation of better wines with every vintage coming.